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    Changing your world for the good - thats our ambition

    Unique concept

    The ambition to change the world for the good for you, we bring to you through a truly unique concept. Our people can support you, focussing on your future, in three distinct manners:

    • as a coach: by helping you to take away the hurdles you experience in your business.
    • as a consultant: by bringing knowledge and deep thinking into your business.
    • as a co-entrepreneur: by working in your business and creating growth from within.

    Collaborative consulting

    By helping to ensure that your efforts have a high impact and success rate, we add tremendous energy to competitiveness, welfare and the future of your company.


    By innovating and responding to changing conditions your organisation is discovering new opportunities. But the road to success is bumpy and full of hurdles and massive amounts of resources are spent to create return on investment every day.


    We focus as a coach, consultant or entrepreneur from within on your needs and the needs of your business.

  • Core values of collaborative consulting

    Quality is science, Service is our school of life, Innovation is art



    Learning is an ongoing process where the entire organisation is continuously involved in planning, implementing and incorporating the relevant and necessary changes to keep up with the world. When you initiate this, you will inevitably find that the learning process is always fun and motivating.



    Collaboration is the stongest force on earth. It overcomes even the biggest natural disasters. Collaboration between you and us is sacred. And we promote it every second between your employees.



    When it comes to innovation, you need to create an atmosphere that suits the project, adjusting it along the way so it always supports the results you wish to achieve. Serious, energetic, creative or provacative – whatever is most conducive to the task at hand.


  • Our solutions

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    Business transformation

    Your result:

    A well-optimised company
    which can quickly respond to new challenges.


    Organisations are complex. When you examine one key aspect, you unleash a deluge of associated factors that need to be considered. At Atlantae, we recommend matching the organisational design with your company’s strategic intent. We help you assess which elements you should keep, and which elements you should weed out. This approach allows you to design the right organisation as you move forward.


    Business transformation is supported financially by KMO-P of the Flemisch government.

    Corporate futuring


    Your result:

    An implementation plan
    with a clear vision, strategy, tactics and mission.


    Successful companies must master the art of optimising the existing core business while at the same time discovering new growth opportunities outside the core. Because no competitive advantages are sustainable forever.


    Using our unique Experiential Growth Methodology that combines analytical rigour with innovative thinking, Atlantae helps you to explore new growth opportunities. Based on deep understanding and insights, we support your strategic discovery and testing of a range of growth options, and we help you to design step-by-step tactical implementation to secure maximum efficiency.



    Organisational design


    Your result:

    An company where people in their job are alligned
    with their talents and growth potential.


    Does it stop short when it comes to the implementation in your organisation? It could be that the process is too complex, or that you do not have the right tools. By aligning your company’s organisational design with its strategic intent, you, your management team and your employees will be better equipped to achieve targets and help push your company forward to meet new challenges.


    Performance optimisation

    Your result:

    Starting from your strategic excellence, an improved company, showing organisational and operational excellence.


    There is a clear correlation between economic (financial) performance and an organisation’s ability to build a general leadership capability. But changing focus from the individual to the common good of the company can be difficult. Therefore you need less complexity, clear processes and efficient reporting.

  • Our expertise

    Not so much what, but in the first place why and how brings you success:
    The Experiential Growth Method® framework

    Strategic excellence

    • Strategy workshop: Vision, Strategy, Tactics, Mission - Business model canvas - Value proposition
    • Human Capital Scan: Collaboration - Cognitive styles
    • Organizational Scan:  Financial performance - Business structures

    Organizational excellence

    • Learning organization: Changing small, but in a constant pace
    • Entreperneurship: Values - Leadership
    • Strategic HR:  Your future organization

    Operational excellence

    • Innovation
    • Processes: Quality
    • Performance:  Measurement - Enhancement
  • References


    As our work with the owners and direction of midsize and large companies is mostly confidential, we can only provide here the main themes of some projects. We would like to provide you more information in a personal meeting. Please contact us.


    New strategic orientation

    Our proposition


    Corporate futuring traject:
    vision, strategy, tactics, mission.
    Business Model Canvas




    Following the format of the midterm business plan, we conducted with the whole management a number of strategic exercise workshops whereby the future vision, the long-term strategy , tactical projects and mission were redefined.




    This resulted in an updated strategic plan and the setup of a number of projects to implement this plan across the organization.

    Commercial strategy

    Our proposition

    Given the involvement of 13 departments in the implementation of an R & D breakthrough, the commercial communication is becoming difficult. We proposed the blending of the strategic views of all departments involved and the realization of one commercial message.



    - Workshops with 13 departments regarding their contributions.

    - Workshops with the heads of department to create one single message.

    - Devising one commercial message.


    Launch of the new machine in EMEA & USA


    Organizational design

    Our proposition

    Maybe you recognize yourself in an organization that has grown organically into ‘a knot’ formed by the many independent entities. Although they outwardly form a whole, a lot of issues rise about the unity.


    - Organizational Scan

    - Human Capital Scan

    - Strategic HR


    We investigated initially the situation at the enterprise and staff levels. From these findings, we installed the proper consultative bodies with the appropriate stakeholders.


    Rest, clarity and the ability to strategically build the organization.


    Performance optimization

    Our proposition


    When an organization reaches a certain size, the organic growth suddenly stops. Teams are losing their productivity and tension increases. What previously just happened spontaneously, does no longer.

    - Business process management exercises


    On a regular basis (every 2 weeks for several months) we organized exercises in two phases. First, the criteria for the processes were determined by the supervisors. Then teams were set up. Through BPM exercises they reshaped processes and organization structures themselves.


    This created a new strategic view on their processes, the reorientation of teams and a strong cooperation.


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